Interclub Leagues

Interclub Leagues – Start in May

The Interclub Doubles Leagues are made up of 6 separate leagues as follows:

Mens Division 1

Mens Division 2

Mens Division 3

Mens Division 4



For more information, please refer to the League Rules shown below.

  1. The Mens and Ladies Doubles league matches will be held on Tuesday evenings
  2. The Mixed Doubles league matches will be held on Thursday evenings
  3. Players should arrive by 6.15 pm ready to to start the match by 6.30pm. Matches should finish by approximately 8.30pm

League Rules:


  1. If one pair is unable to commence the match by 6.30pm then they automatically forfeit the first set
  2. If the second pair have already commenced the second set by the time the time the first pair are ready to start, both sets are automatically forfeited.


  1. Any player may participate in the State Street Inter-Club leagues as long as they are a member of the Club for which they are playing
  2. No player may represent more than one club in any one event
  3. Each team shall consist of a first pair and a second pair
  4. At the time of registration, each team is requested to name a minimum of 4 players who will be considered as the “original team members”
  5. In the event that any team does not name their 4 original team members prior to the first match then the organiser will consider the 4 players who participate in the first match to be the “original team members.”


  1. It is the responsibility of each team to ensure that they have a full team every week. Any number of reserves may be used in accordance with the following:
  2. No reserve is permitted to play for more than one club in any one event
  3. No original team member may act as reserve for any team that is ranked lower than the team for which they have been nominated
  4. A reserve may play for any team representing one club. However, once they have played 3 times in any higher team they may not then play for a lower ranked team
  5. As far as possible reserves should reflect the standard of the team for which they are representing.


  1. Pair A home team V Pair B away team (Rubber 1)
  2. Pair B home team V Pair A away team (Rubber 2)
  3. Pair A home team V Pair A away team (Rubber 3)
  4. Pair B home team V Pair away team (Rubber 4)

Each pair will play 2 sets, tie-break at 5 games all, against each pair in the opposing team

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