Regular Club Sessions


Social Tennis Sessions for Club Members


Club group tennis sessions are held each week on the days listed below. They are aimed at providing an opportunity for Senior Members to mix in and play doubles on a friendly, sociable basis. Accomplished Junior Members are very welcome to join in.

Simply turn up and play, in a relaxed and fun environment.

Sunday Mornings – Club Morning

The Sunday morning session takes place between 9.30am and noon. Some members, after a busy week (or a late Saturday night!), choose the sensible option and have a leisurely breakfast at home before meandering up to the Club House for a gentle knock towards 10 o’clock.

This is a great way to “loosen” the limbs and build up your appetite for Sunday lunch.

Make sure you don’t leave too early, as you may miss the coffee and biscuits towards 11.30ish!

Tuesday Evenings – Mens’ Doubles Practice

An opportunity for those representing St Martins teams in the State Street Inter-Club Leagues to keep their “eye-in” during the Autumn, Winter and early Spring.

If you have not represented St Martins Lawn Tennis Club in the State Street Inter-Club Leagues and would like to, please contact the captain of each of the respective teams.

The standard of tennis in these sessions is fairly high. Whilst play is officially non-competitive, no-one likes to lose!

Wednesday Mornings – Additional Club Morning

The Wednesday morning session takes place between 10am and noon and is a relaxed friendly morning session.

Friday Evenings – Club Night

Why not start your Friday evening with a friendly knock, mixing in with other club members. The format is very relaxed, with players usually arriving by approximately 6.15pm.

The Friday evening session finishes near to 7.30pm, followed by a visit to a nearby pub for light refreshments and/or a bar meal.

There are a number of good pubs in St Martin’s so you are spoilt for choice!

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