Guests & Visitors

Please note the following policy with respect to Guests and Visitors wishing to play at the Club:

  1. Senior and Junior members are entitled to bring a guest to the Club
  2. The member should put the guest’s name in the Visitors’ Book and sign accordingly
  3. A member may bring a maximum of three guests at any one session. No guest may be introduced more than three times
  4. Please note that after three visits local residents must join and become members if they wish to use the Club’s facilities
  5. A member may also introduce visiting friends on 3 occasions; thereafter such visitors may take out a Weekly Visitor Membership to continue to use the Club’s facilities
  6. Visitors are players using the Club usually without an introduction from a member
  7. Visitors should pay a visitors fee of £10 per court or £5 per individual per play and should sign the visitors book
  8. Visitors who may play more than 3 times during their holiday should join the Weekly Visitor Membership of £10 per adult and £5 for under 18’s, this category is limited to 4 weeks, after 4 weeks visitors must join as an overseas member
  9. Abuse of this rule could lead to the member facing suspension from the Club.
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